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9 maaliskuun, 2011 Kirjoittanut mrtapsa

Hanky Panky


Eurooppalaiset orkesterit imivät paljon vaikutteita amerikkalaisilta mustilta jazz-orkestereilta.  Billy Monk’s New Rhythm Bandin  ”Hanky Panky” vuodelta 1942 on melko pitkälle kopio Count Basien kappaleesta Topsy vuodelta 1937. Hienon tenorisaksofonisoolon ”Hanky Pankyssä” soittaa Johnny Gray, joka myöhemmin loi oman soolo-uran. Hän toimi myös studiomuusikkona, soitti mm. Beatlesin Sgt. Pepper-albumilla.

Gramophone -lehti kirjoitti tästä levystä marraskuussa 1942 näin:

Billy Monk’s New Rhythm Band ***Hanky Panky (W. G. Monk) (Regal-Zono. CAR638o) Vernon and His Orchestra ***Rosetta (Hines, Woods) (Regal-Zosso. CAR638i) (Regal-Zonophone MR3665—s. iid.)

Monk’s band, which hails from Coventry, is what may be termed the Palais type of combination, and it is at least the equal of many of the better professional bands one will find in Palais, not only in the Provinces, but in London.
Their piece, Hanky-Panky, is composed and arranged by their leader, Bill Monk, now in the Army, but occasionally managing to get leave to keep an eye on this band, taken charge of in his absence by its bass player, John Wright.
The number is a typical swing tune. The band takes it easily with, although this was its first experience of recording, the confidence and relaxation of veterans. The musicianship is xcellent. The teams play well together, the phrasing is good, the general interpretation lucid and at times enlightened. There is none of the doubtful intonation so often found in amateur musicians, nor can one find any complaint to make about the tone. In fact, all round, a thoroughly capable ensemble.
But it is in the solos that the band ieachcs its height. The tenor and trumpet are the equal of many of our best professional stars.
In fact, the only thing that can be said against the record is that it perhaps just misses the verve one finds in the best pro. bands.


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